The Czech cadastre will no longer be available without registration

From the nachaloto na June 2021 anonimnite potrebiteli, koito ickat ea napravyat cpravka in onlayn verciyata na cheshkiya kadactar nyama mogat ea ea January LEGAL, na them their design could ce pokazvat camo Terms danni na obekta and design could badat pokaneni ea ci napravyat regictratsiya. Complete data will be available only for those who are authorized in the system of the National Identification (eIdentitata) site or through the account.
The decision of the Czech Office of Geodesy and Cadastre (ČÚZK) explains this action with a sharp increase in the number of people wishing to do so. At the same time, the Office strives to increase the protection of personal data stored in the system. “The change has led to problems for ordinary users,” CZZK said. The information will be provided, as before, free of charge.
ČÚZK contains data on the status of agricultural lands, real estate in the country and their owners.



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