Methane on Mars is collected only at night

A solution to Mars’ methane problem seems to be seen. In short, the problem boils down to the fact that the Mars rover Curiosity regularly measures methane from Gale Crater, but from space, the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), which orbits Mars since 2016 as part of the ExoMars mission, fails to detect anything.
Reports of the discovery of methane on Mars excite both scientists and all space lovers. On Earth, a significant amount of methane is produced by microbes that help most animals digest plants. This process of digestion ends with the exhalation or eruption of gas in the air.
Although there are no cattle, sheep or goats on Mars, finding methane there is exciting because it could mean that microbes have lived or are living on the Red Planet. However, methane may have nothing to do with microbes or other biology, and its origin may be related to geological processes – from the interaction of rocks, water and heat.



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